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Best Song Ever- One Direction


I think the beginning of this video is so funny!


Halcyon Days- Ellie Goulding




This is Ellie Gouldings new album Halcyon Days. It was released on August 26th this year, only 8 days after she released her new single Burn. We think its a great album. Here’s a list of the songs:

1. Don’t Say a Word

2. My Blood

3. Anything Could Happen

4. Only You

5. Halcyon

6. Figure 8

7. Joy

8. Hanging On

9. Explosions

10. I Know you Care

11. Atlantis

12. Dead in the Water

13. I Need your Love feat. Ellie Goulding (By Calvin Harris)

14. Ritual

15. In my City

16. Without your Love

17. Hanging On feat. Tinie Tempah

18. Lights

19. Burn

20. Goodness Gracious 

21. You my Everything

22. Hearts Without Chains

23. Stay Awake

24. Under Control

25. Flash Light